• About 70 minutes
  • Runs from April to November
  • Reservation required

Guided yamashi tour

This is an academically extremely valuable tour that tours the pits that were left untouched at the time, such as the ``Mumyoi pit'', where raw materials for Mumyō ware, a specialty of Sado, were mined, and the ``Ikiyama pit'', which was excavated in the early Edo period.

With your helmet, flashlight, and boots on hand, you'll feel like you've become a charlatan as you explore the nearly 400-year-old tunnel!

Important mountain pit

(Ohgiri Yamakou)

national historic site. Completed in 1647.


Important mountain pit entrance. It has a mysterious atmosphere.



Near the entrance of the important mountain pit (the ceiling is high so that the magistrate of Sado can enter while riding a horse)



Proceed inside the important mountain pit.



Valuable parallel tunnel. Marvel at the high level of technology from 400 years ago!



penetrating point. Fresh air was circulated here.



Traces of trolley rails (after the Meiji period)



The tranquility and mystery of the mining site will make you lose your voice!



Overwhelming scale of large-scale mining sites (after the Meiji era)



Turn off the lights all at once and experience "true darkness"! (I can't see anything!)



Let's go to the world of darkness



Red rocks in the tunnel (raw material for Mumyoi ware)



Truck tracks



Fork in the tunnel



Proceed deep into the dark tunnel



Outside light in the depths of the tunnel



Bulletin board in the tunnel



Mining traces of overwhelming power


please note

*This tour is available from 2 people.

*Please be sure to contact us if you will not be in time for the departure time.

*It is preferable to wear clothes that are easy to move around in, and it is cold inside the mine, around 10℃.

*Children under elementary school age cannot participate.

*Please wear a mask when participating.


Is it possible for one person to use it?

I cannot accept it.

*If there are other customers at the desired time, we can accept it, but it is not a guarantee.

If I pay for 2 people, can I experience it for 1 person?

yes. If you pay the normal rate for 2 people, we will accept 1 person.

Is the mine road a steep road?

The tunnel is a flat road with a total length of about 1 km even if the two tunnels are combined.