• national historic site
  • open all year round
  • About 30 minutes
  • free tour

Sodayu Mine Edo Kinzan Picture Scroll Course

The Sodayu Mine, a national historic site, is a hand-dug tunnel excavated in the early Edo period. Located at the western end of the Aoban Vein, the largest vein in the Sado Gold Mine, the tunnel is large, and features a shogi-komagata tunnel, an inclined shaft, a small exploration tunnel, and a smoke hole for introducing air. and many others remain.


The mining work described in the "Sado Gold Mine Emaki" is faithfully reproduced in the hand-dug tunnel that is related to the image more than 400 years ago.

Mining experts called "mountains" mined gold and silver efficiently by subdividing the mining work.


water wheel

Less than 90 years after the mine was opened, the tunnel had reached below sea level, so the 'Sodayu Mine' had to be constantly drained, and it was a continuous battle with water.

Drainage work was done using a wooden machine called a water wheel.


mining site

A view of the mining site. Tools called a chisel and a mallet were used to dig through the hard bedrock. The mining work was carried out by engineers called kanahori carpenters, who were in the front line of gold production.


Kengiri Aratame

State of Kengiriaratame. Where the tunnel is being inspected to see if it has been dug according to the specifications ordered and how far it has been dug. The headwear was a safety cap made of tightly woven paper called tehen, which was only permitted to those in managerial positions.



Kinzan's unique Shinto ritual "Yawaragi" has been handed down since the Edo period. It is said that the name derives from the meaning of praying to the hard bedrock to soften the heart of the mountain god, as well as to soften it.

please note

*Open all year round Free tour Time required 40 minutes

*The inside of the tunnel is around 10 degrees. Please be careful with your food.

*There are 190 steps (with handrails).

*The tunnel is dark and narrow, so please proceed slowly.

*Wheelchair users cannot visit.


What is the last entry time for Sodayu Mine?

17:00 (November to March 16:30)

Until what time can I visit?

All facilities including the shop will be closed at 17:30 (from 11:00 to 17:00 in March).

Can I get a discount for Doyuko after seeing Sodayuko?

Only on the same day, if you use the second course, a discount will be applied, and it will be 500 yen off for adults and 250 yen for children from the regular price.

Example) After visiting Sodayu Mine, the fee for visiting Doyu Mine is 1000 yen - 500 yen for adults = 500 yen

*Please present your purchased ticket at the reception.