Restaurant Kinzan Chaya

It is a restaurant for groups that can eat from 10 to 50 people at once.

Please make a reservation in advance

Kinzan Chaya is a complete reservation system


5 minutes on foot from "Historic Site Sado Gold Mine"

business hours

Complete reservation system

Please select the menu at the time of reservation *Reservations must be made 3 days in advance for groups of 10 or more.

Business period

From early April to mid-November

(Closed from mid-November to the end of March)

Seating capacity

60 people, parking lot available

Recommended menu

Kinzan Curry

800 yen

The symbol of Sado Gold Mine, "Doyu no Warito," is imaged (with gold powder).

Kinzan soba (udon)

800 yen

Soba (udon) with plenty of Sado's delicacies, inspired by gold mine (rock laver containing gold powder), greenery (mekabu), and sea (shrimp tempura).

Kinzan Champon

900 yen

Kinzan Champon made with local ingredients.

Bowl of rice and fried fish

1,000 yen

*All prices include tax.

*All photos are images. Please note that some items may be sold out or the menu may change due to the availability of ingredients.