• About 30 minutes
  • Reservation required


A series of industrial heritage sites related to gold and silver production (mining, crushing, mineral processing, smelting and harbors) and the townscape that retains the atmosphere of the time (nationally designated important cultural landscape) are candidates for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites.

Our guides will guide you through these heritage sites.

When you put on your glasses, it's a different world... The MR Glasses, which incorporates cutting-edge technology, and the spatial presentation of projection mapping invite you into a fantasy world.

A magical ”time” that has never been experienced before begins



A mysterious island floating in the indigo sea.

A gold mine towering in the middle of the island has an ancient legend related to ”golden stone and a monster from another world.”



By chance, monsters from another world that crossed the tunnels of a gold mine will manifest themselves in this world. When the mystical ’Konkoseki’ and its spirit ’Aulu’ become one, they will be sealed.



You are now standing at the crossing for the first time in hundreds of years.

please note

*It is very cold around 10℃ in the tunnel.

*There are places where the ceiling is low.

*Please do not run in the tunnel and proceed on foot.

*Please note that the gates to Takato Shrine and Doyu Warito will be closed after 16:30 (16:00 in winter) on the Doyuko course.


From what age can children experience the experience?

We recommend ages 6 and up.

This is because some children get scared and cry when they experience the dark tunnels. No refunds will be given even if the experience is canceled in the middle.

Can I re-enter the mine?


If you have time, please re-enter the Douyu-ko course, which is not a fantasy world.

However, please purchase a separate admission ticket for Sodayu Mine on the day (500 yen for adults, 250 yen for children).

If I experience Island Mirage, can I experience gold bullion extraction?


Pass the shop at the exit, but please stop by the museum on the second floor. This museum can be visited with an Island Mirage ticket.