• national historic site
  • National important cultural property
  • National Modernization Industrial Heritage
  • open all year round
  • Approximately 40 minutes
  • free tour

Doyu Mine Meiji Government Mine Course

The Doyu Mine, a national important cultural property and national historic site, was excavated in 1899 and was a machine-dug tunnel that greatly contributed to the modernization of the Sado Gold Mine.

Many of the facilities, including mine shafts, trolleys, machine factories, and crushing yards, remain as they were at the time of operation.

In addition, this course includes the excavation site directly below Doyu Warito, a point where you can see Doyu Warito up close, a scenic point of Doyu Warito from Takato Park, and the symbol of the Sado Gold Mine, the Doyu Warito. You can fully enjoy Yu no Warito.

In 1932, "Doyu Mine" connected two vertical shafts that had been separated until then, becoming the most important tunnel in the modern Sado Mine, and was active until 1989 when the mine was closed.


in the tunnel

The Doyu Mine Course was opened to the public in 2008 with the basic concept of preserving the state of the Sado Mine, which played a central role in the modernization of Japan after the Meiji Restoration, as an industrial heritage site.


Warido of Doyu (directly below)

Large-scale mining of Doyu no Warito was carried out in the early Edo period in the upper part and in the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods in the lower part. The hollow part seen in the photo is also a mining site, but there was a tunnel directly below this hollow, and the ore was transported outside from the Doyu mine by truck.

The mining site forms a nearly vertical precipice, and this type of open-pit mining is unique in the world.


Warido of Doyu (distant view)

Doyu no Warito is a nationally designated historic site that symbolizes the Sado Gold Mine. "Doyumyaku" was one of the first veins discovered in the Aikawa gold and silver mine in 1601, and mining continued from the Edo period to the upper part and from the Meiji period to the first year of the Heisei period.


machine shop

The machine factory, which is a national important cultural property adjacent to the Takato shaft, was built in the 10s of the Showa era. The machines on display were actually used until 1989, and some of them are still usable today.

please note

*Open all year round Free tour Time required 40 minutes

*The inside of the tunnel is around 10 degrees. Please be careful with your food.

* Projection mapping lights up during the Island Mirage experience time.

*The tunnel is dark and narrow, so please proceed slowly.

*There are about 30 steps at the end, so wheelchair users will have to turn around and return to the entrance.

*The passage leading up to Doyu no Warito closes at 4:30 pm (4:00 pm in winter).


What is the last entry time for Daoyukou?

16:30 (11 to 16:00 in March).

At the time of final entry, the passage leading to Warito will be closed.

Until what time can I visit?

All facilities including the shop will be closed at 17:30 (from 11:00 to 17:00 in March).

Can I get a discount for Sodayuko after seeing Doyuko?


Only on the same day, if you use the second course, a discount will be applied, and it will be 500 yen off for adults and 250 yen for children from the regular price.

Example) After visiting Doyu Mine, the fee for visiting Sodayu Mine is 1000 yen - 500 yen for adults = 500 yen

*Please present your purchased ticket at the reception.