Sado is 1.5 times the size of Tokyo's 23 wards, and is an island blessed with rich colors that change with the seasons. There is no railroad, so getting around the island can take longer than expected.
We will introduce how to get to Sado Gold Mine.


Take a boat to Sado Island

You can come to Sado Island by boat from "Niigata Port - Ryotsu Port" or "Naoetsu Port".

Niigata Port - Ryotsu Port

65 minutes by jetfoil (high-speed boat)

2 hours 30 minutes by car ferry

Naoetsu Port - Ogi Port

75 minutes by new jetfoil

*Please check the Sado Kisen website for timetables, fares, etc.


By car or bus to the historical site of Sado Gold Mine

When you arrive in Sado, please come to Sado Gold Mine by car or public transportation.

by car from Ryotsu Port

About 30km About 60 minutes

About 90 minutes via Osado Skyline

By route bus from Ryotsu Port

Sado Kinzan line (about 70 minutes)

or "Aikawa" line (about 60 minutes) - get off at "Aikawa" and transfer to "Sado Kinzan" line (about 10 minutes)

by car from Ogi Port

About 45km About 80 minutes

By route bus from Ogi Port

Bus bound for "Aikawa" (approximately 90 minutes) - Get off at "Aikawa" and change trains bound for "Sado Kinzan" (approximately 10 minutes)

*Bound for "Aikawa" connects to "Akane" arrival

*Please check the Niigata Kotsu Sado website for timetables, fares, etc. of the route bus.

Historic Site Sado Gold Mine

1305 Shimoaikawa, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture 952-1501